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Family And Medical Leave Legal Advice For Texan Employers And Employees

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is intended to provide job protection for eligible workers who need time off to take care of family members or who have serious medical problems. While the law spells out who is eligible and when it is applicable, employers and employees often find themselves in disputes over implementation.

Employers experience difficulty containing costs and maintaining continuity in operations after employees request long periods of time off to deal with family and medical issues. They may be accused of illegal actions involving circumstances beyond their control, such as the need to eliminate a position while the person who last held that position is out on family or medical leave. They often ask Brown Law Office in Flower Mound to represent them in disputes versus employers with complaints or bring unreasonable time off requests.

Employees, on the other hand, often need advice and advocacy in the face of resistance by employers (private businesses with 50 or more employees, or public agencies of any size) who seem determined to skirt the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act. When they are demoted or laid off while out on applicable unpaid or paid leave (12 weeks or less during any 12-month period), they turn to employment law attorney, Betty L. Brown, for information and representation through negotiations, claims and lawsuits.

Employer: Is Your Employee Eligible For FMLA Time Off? Employee: What Exactly Are Your Rights?

Whether you have employees or are an employee, you may need a lawyer’s counsel and representation if there are questions about what FMLA allows or requires. Did you, the employer, provide an employee returning to work the same job or a job with equivalent pay, benefits and working conditions? Know your rights and enlist the assistance of an experienced lawyer to protect those rights.

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